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As Ambient Air enters the DewStand, dust, particles as well as all airborne viruses and bacteria are removed.

Next, our proprietary condensation process dehumidifies the purified air then recirculates it back.

The Dew generated through condensation is collected and sterilized.

The water then undergoes a sophisticated purification and mineralization process that removes all contaminants, perfects taste and improves health benefits.​

Outcome is pure, fresh, hot and cold drinking water available at one’s fingertips through the user-friendly touch screen.​


The DewStand provides the highest quality of water, eliminating any concerns of lead from aging and corroded water pipes and the dependency on plastic jugs.

Independently generating up to 8 gallons/day of water from air, the DewStand is a more cost effective, efficient and sustainable solution than bottled or water dispenser solutions.

The DewStand technology, purifies water to  perfection using an advanced multi-step purification process to create the purest drinking water possible. This includes an anti-static air filtration, a water-dust filtration, a sequence of U.V. sterilization, a series of sediment and carbon filtration, reverse osmosis & TCR. 


The DewStand delivers water that exceeds the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).