As Ambient Air is drawn into the unit, dust, particles and other airborne viruses and bacteria are eliminated.


Next, a proprietary condensation stage dehumidifies the purified air before circulating it back into the room.


The Dew generated through the condensation process is collected and sterilized.

The water then undergoes a sophisticated purification and mineralization process that removes all contaminants, perfects taste and improves health benefits.​


Outcome is pure, fresh, hot and cold drinking water available at one’s fingertips through the use-friendly touch screen.​



The DewStand provides the highest quality of water, eliminating any concerns of lead from aging and corroded water pipes and the dependency on plastic jugs.

Independently generating up to 8 gallons/day of water from air, the DewStand is a more cost effective, efficient and sustainable solution than bottled or water dispenser solutions.

The DewStand technology, purifies water to  perfection using an advanced multi-step purification process to create  the purest drinking water possible. This includes an anti-static air filtration, a water-dust filtration, a sequence of U.V. sterilization, a series of sediment and carbon filtration, reverse osmosis & TCR. 


The DewStand delivers water that exceeds the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).