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DewStand-Q DSQ-1F: Flagship Atmospheric Water Generator

DewStand-Q Flagship Atmospheric Water Generator (Model DSQ-1F)

The Dew Water Corporation
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Water from Air Dispenser

The DewStand Model DSQ-1F Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is the perfect addition to any home or work place. Hot & cold pure water output of up to 5.5 Gallons per day at 85 °F & 80 % Humidity.

The rated capacity will vary with humidity and temperature. Higher Temperature and Humidity levels result in higher output.
Below are technical operating parameters and features:
  • Rated Capacity:

          5.5 GPD (20 l/day)

  • Water temperature:

    39-203 °F (4-95 ℃)
  • Working temperature:

    59-113 °F (15-45 ℃)
  • Working humidity:

    25-95 %
  • Treatment Steps:

    Advanced Purification Technology including a sequence of U.V. Sterilization, a series of Sediment and Carbon Filtration, Ultrafiltration Membrane & TCR
  • Storage capacity:

          5.5 Gallons (20 Liters)

          (i.e. 1.5 L Dew, 15 L Pure,  2 L Cold & 1.5 L Hot Water) 

  • Power Load:

          475 W (Production)

          500 W (Heating)

  • Power Supply

          110 V, 60 Hz (220 V, 50 Hz available upon request)

  • Refrigerant


  • Hot & Cold Pure Water Output
  • LCD Touch Screen Display including Total Dissolved Solids reading (TDS) and Water Yield
  • Low Power Consumption 
  • Indoor Lifestyle and Low Noise Levels (i.e less than 45 db)
  • Modern and Trendy Appliance Design


 Dimensions & Weight:


Gross (Shipping):


Net (Installed): 11.8 in Width x 17.3 in Depth x 45.2 in Height

(30 cm x 44 x cm x 115 cm)


Gross (Shipping):

Net (Installed): 108 lbs (45 kg)