DewStand-X (Model DSX-1F)

DewStand-X (Model DSX-1F)

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Water from Air Dispenser

The DewStand-X Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a perfect drinking water solution for hospitals, hotels and other commercial establishments. Hot & cold pure water output of up to 100 liters /day at 30 °C & 80 % Humidity.

The rated capacity will vary with humidity and temperature. Higher Temperature and Humidity levels result in higher output.

For example, this DewStand model will smoothly produce more than 50 liters per day of Pure Drinking Water even if the indoor temperature and humidity levels drop to 15 °C and 40% respectively.

Below are technical operating parameters and features:
  • Rated Capacity:

          100 l/day

  • Working temperature:

    15-38 ℃
  • Working humidity:

    45-95 %
  • Treatment Steps:

    Advanced Purification Technology including a sequence of U.V. Sterilization, a series of Sediment and Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis & TCR
  • Storage capacity:

          100 Liters 

  • Power Load:

          2 kW (Production)

         2.1 kW (Overall)

  • Frequency

          Currently available in 50 Hz only

  • Voltage: 

          Currently available in 220 V only

  • LCD Display
  • Low Electricity cost (i.e. less than 10 cents per gallon depending on your local power company rates)
  • Low Noise Levels (i.e less than 75 db)



 Shipping Information:


142 cm x 65 cm x 105 cm

Net Weight

 190 kg